What is Burr Fest?

The early idea behind Burr Fest, began when Andy learnt of the death of former Iron Maiden drummer, Clive Burr, knowing that this would likely see the end of fundraising. Clive was a fantastic drummer, and being a drummer himself, Andy was keen to see Clive’s legacy live on.

Unfortunately, at that point, he had no idea where to start!
It wasn’t until he teamed up with Erwin Lucas, an Iron Maiden fan from Holland, in 2015, that a plan started to form.

The pair released the “Origins of Iron” compilation that June, with no less than 8 former members of Maiden attending the launch party. The response led to Doug Sampson rejoining Airforce after 20 years, to record new material which appeared on the group’s career-retrospective album, “Judgement Day”, which was released by Andy & Erwin’s WatchOut Records.

andy holloway and nicko mcbrain

By late 2016, the pair had a number of connections and so, when Iron Maiden announced the UK leg of their “The Book Of Souls Tour” for May 2017, Burr Fest was born!

What started out as a bit of a dream, became a reality on 26th May 2017, with the very first Burr Fest. To say that the response was overwhelming, would be a   major understatement! We went from not knowing if anyone would be bothered, to having to turn people away, before being able to expand the capacity slightly.

Every band gave it their all, and we had 6 ex-members of Iron Maiden in attendance, along with 2 former crew members, and Clive’s partner, Mimi.
Straight after their sets, we had two bands asking if they could return in 2018, and fans asking when the next event would take place.

Now, in 2019, there have been 3 annual Burr Fest events, and plans are WELL underway for a number of events in 2020!!!

The meeting of Mimi & Clive

“I had an appointment at Queens Square Hospital. I booked in and was told to sit down and wait in a new, large room, with chairs in rows.

Next, Clive asked me if this is for MS? “I hope so!” I said. There were only two of us patients, in this large room! He started talking.

We both had MS and were talking about what we did for our MS. We talked; I lived in Leytonstone, he said he lived in the country… “Shame” I thought and said, “There’s a good centre in town.”

He hate a note book and pen, something we do, as if you’re on your own, you need to make notes. We waited and waited. He asked if he could have my number. He didn’t seem to know of any centres.

We talked, time went by, and he asked what I was doing the next day. I said “I’m going to Germany. My mum’s German, and we’re going to Germany.” He said, “Yeah? My mum’s German.”

Then a doctor called Clive. He got up and mouthed “Call”, putting his hand like a telephone. Five minutes later, I had my appointmenr.

A few days later, he phoned me. We talked for ages, and his telephone number was similar to mine. I found out he was just across the roundabout from me…

Mimi Highfield-Burr

Clive's Partner

“I was resident with RDB (Remus Down Boulevard) at The Bridgehouse and sometimes we would see each other in The Golden Fleece, in Wanstead, where Clive lived nearby.

I’d just been asked to join Maiden in 79 and we were rehearsing without a drummer. Steve asked me if I knew any and I took a mate over, but it didn’t work out.

It was fate, as I walked into The Fleece a day later and Clive was coming out. I said Maiden needed a drummer, and we sat in my car listening to Phantom.

He took the tape home and the next day I took him to the studio… The line up was complete!”

Dennis Stratton

Friend and former band mate


Clive Burr: A Drumming Legend

Clive Ronald Burr was born in London, England on 8th March 1957.

He is most recognised for his time as the drummer for English Metal titans, Iron Maiden.

Clive’s drumming featured on the band’s first 3 albums; Iron Maiden, Killers and The Number of the Beast.

Following his time with Maiden, Clive enjoyed stints with Desperado, Elixir, Stratus and Praying Mantis, to name a few. Sadly, his career was cut short, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Clive unfortunately lost his battle with MS in 2013, but his legacy lives on!

More about Clive

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