Elixir reunite classic line-up for Burr Fest 2020!!!

by Andy Holloway - 4th September 2019

The fourth act to be announced for Burr Fest…
With their first performance in almost 8 years, in honour of their late friend, and former drummer, is…Elixir!!!
Originally formed in 1983, the band released “The Son of Odin” with the classic line-up of Paul Taylor, Phil Denton, Norman Gordon, Kevin Dobbs & Nigel Dobbs.
1988 saw the band hit the studio to record their second album, “Sovereign Remedy”, with Mark White on bass, and the late great Clive Burr on drums.
Clive only stayed for the duration of recording and one live performance, before leaving to fulfil commitments with “Desperado” (his band with Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider.
The following year, the band split, only to return in 2001. Returning with the classic line-up, the band recorded their third album, “The Idol”, taking in tours of Greece, Germany, and the USA.
The band continued to perform around the UK and Europe, releasing two further albums, 2006’s “Mindcreeper” and 2010’s “All Hallows Eve”, before splitting once more in October 2012.
Now the band are back with the classic line-up, for ONE NIGHT ONLY, marking their first performance in almost 8 years, and Kevin’s farewell to the band.
They join previously announced acts; Kaine, Airforce & TYTAN!
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